Vision: To provide the best and the highest standards of education to prepare conscious child physically, scientifically, mentally and Ajtmaia.
Our motto: For an alternative to the mother, but we strive to be the best. Of the care
The idea: to prepare children physically and mentally prepared to form boys and girls, good for a bright future.
General objectives
Giving children information and various benefits through play and fun.
Values and morals and behavior desired development in children.
Self-esteem and belonging among children develop confidence.
Training children to take responsibility and self-reliance.
Stimulate the children and create a positive motivation to work towards them.
The development of various skills and creative abilities of children.
Accustom children to love the community and collaborative work.
Contribute to solving many problems in children Kalkhgel, introverted and hostile.
Our advantages

- Cameras distributed among the chapters and can guardian Show child directly
- Lounge area of ​​not less than an area of ​​about 200 square meters. The freedom of movement of the child ..
-ugod External yard games, in addition to the covered part of the Gospel to the safety of children ..
-gidh Air conditioning. And the presence of central heating
-dorat Water commensurate with its equipment ages and needs of children.
-ugod Operating a private cleaner to follow hygiene constantly.

-gervh A private reception for the children's parents and administrative procedures and all belongings management.

Follow-up games and educational CDs and buy them for application to the children to achieve the greatest benefit.

Daily communication through the guardian of the child and give them the observations and suggestions regarding the child constantly.

Wonderful and safe use of child games.

Special education programs for children from the age of two, including the English and Arabic.